Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Video Marketing

video marketing

In recent years, video marketing has emerged as one of the most essential elements of a successful marketing campaign. It is rapidly becoming one of the most effective ways for businesses to connect with their audiences and customer base. All kinds of companies are starting to use video marketing to target their customers, attract new traffic, and strengthen their brand identity. With platforms such as Youtube and TikTok being use by billions of people every single day, businesses have a vast potential audience to capture and interact with, and the ones that don’t participate are at risk of being left behind.

When skillfully conducted, video marketing is a powerful tool in capturing the attention of customers. Content with video tends to be much more engaging than other forms of content, such as text or images. By applying aesthetically pleasing visuals, animation, music, and sound effects, videos can convey more emotion, personality, and information in a short span of time. Research shows that the inclusion of visuals in videos enhances basic comprehension by over 40% and can double your retention rates. This means that your video has the ability to evoke human emotion, heighten your brand message, and help viewers remember the video for a longer period of time.

Video Marketing can also help businesses attract more qualified leads and conversions. A 2018 survey showcased that nearly 75% of people reported they were more likely to purchase products or services after watching a video, and videos can also increase conversion rates by as much as 80%.

By producing videos that address what your audience wants to hear, you can attract viewers who are more likely to be interested. On average, companies that have implemented a video promotion about a specific sale or service have seen a 400% increase in sales. This proves that video marketing can help turn customers into buyers, and influence potential buyers to complete their customer journey. 

To get started in your video marketing strategy, you should begin with the following techniques.

  1. Start by developing a video marketing plan. You should create a strategy that outlines your marketing goals, target customers, main messaging, and distribution platforms.
  2. Keep your videos engaging, but brief. Most online users today have a very short attention span, so it is critical to keep videos short, with the most important content appearing in the first 5 seconds. Your video should never be longer than 2 minutes, and it should always include a clear call to action. 
  3. Optimize videos for search engines. Yes, videos can be found on search engine results pages! Therefore, just like most other digital marketing content, your video must be optimized for search engines. This includes using applicable keywords in the video title, description, tags, and captions. video marketing

In the end, video marketing is an incredibly efficient tool that can boost your business to the next level, and is becoming rapidly more important for businesses and organizations of all sizes. As long as your video is engaging and offers value to the viewer, you can incorporate it into your marketing plan to increase sales, grow your business, and build your brand awareness.

video marketing

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