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Keyword digital marketing plays a pivotal role in modern businesses’ online presence. It involves pinpointing and targeting specific keywords and phrases related to your company’s products and services to use in your advertisements. This effective technique increases website visibility in search engine results pages and attracts potential customers to your website. Any website can benefit greatly from keyword digital marketing, as it exposes your website to search engines and invites new visitors. As your business gets better and better at identifying and plugging in relevant keywords, you will see an increase in organic traffic as well as overall revenue.


A major advantage of keyword digital marketing is ranking higher in search engines. keyword digital marketingA study conducted in June 2022 showed that over 61% of website users used Google as their primary search engine. This means that researching and understanding keyword rankings on Google is one of the most important things you can do for your business’s digital marketing plan. When a user inputs a search query into a search engine, the engine scans the internet for websites that contain those keywords. By carefully adding key terms and phrases into and throughout your website content, companies are likelier to achieve a higher position on the search engine results pages.


As an example, suppose a small MedSpa company in Raleigh, North Carolina, is offering services and products for sale, and wants to increase its online visibility. In that case, the business could focus on targeting keywords such as “Medspa Raleigh,” “day spa near me,” and “dermal fillers” in their digital marketing initiatives. By inserting these keywords into their website content, such as blog posts, service offers landing pages, product descriptions, and meta tags; they could likely appear higher in search results when customers search for those terms.

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Overall, keyword digital marketing is crucial to any modern business’s online marketing strategies. By optimizing your content to include relevant keywords, your business will rank higher in search engine results pages, which will entice many potential customers to your website, growing your revenue. Specifically, Edge Digital can help your business benefit from utilizing this kind of marketing tactic by working to specifically identify which keywords your business should be targeting, which will allow your business to see a boost in organic traffic and visibility in search results, which overall earns your business more qualified leads and revenue.

If your business needs help with selecting the most effective digital marketing keywords, reach out to our team today and we can help.


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